The Church and the Principle of Double Listening.

The Church and the Principle of Double Listening.

I am learning the principle of double listening, it means to listen for the heart and intent of societal discuss and then listen for God’s perspective on the issue.

It’s sometimes very hard for church folks to listen to criticism that goes against our beliefs of decades, some of which are not scripturally accurate.

Sometimes the criticisms are not from genuine hearts, but it really shouldn’t determine whether we listen or not.

If we don’t listen, we won’t learn, if we don’t learn, we miss out on souls seeking answers to genuine questions.

People justified slavery and racism with poorly interpreted scriptures for centuries until men arose to question those believes on the authority of the Word.

On the topic of giving and tithing, if we listen well as church folks, we will find that the problem is not with people’s desire to give but A DEMAND FOR ACCOUNTABILITY FROM CHURCH LEADERS. Church folks should know what their givings are used for.

Church folks are also questioning the lifestyle of Pastors, can we be prosperous and yet moderate and not show off our wealth to the mockery of some poor folks giving to make ministry happen?

We must be careful not to by our greed and vain living become an hindrance to the faith of many, God won’t hold such church leaders guiltless.

Still on double listening, for centuries, a lot of church folk have used wrongly interpreted scripture to suppress the rights of women and placed them under a heavy yoke of oppression. That has to change, in Christ there’s neither male nor female, just like there’s neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, WE ARE EQUAL BEFORE GOD.

You can’t claim to serve a good God and then also believe He favors His male children over His female children, NO!


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