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Helping everyday Christians rise in influence in career,
business and society by the mastery of the word and the Spirit.


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Helping you rise in influence in your career and business by the Power of the Spirit and the Word.

I believe in the Lordship of the word, the full expression of the Spirit and manifestation of all His gifts.

My desire and calling is to show the world the goodness of God in teaching the mastery of the word and in the demonstration of the power of The Spirit, with which to raise believers to be Daniels, Josephs and Stephens... Spirit filled, Supernatural living believers that will establish the kingdom in their areas of influence. To raise believers that will have mastery of the word and the demonstration and manifestation of the power of the Spirit, to the extent that it is here as it is in heaven.

Yes, I am a Techie too, I do websites and apps.


Thoughts to inspire you!

The Church and the Principle of Double Listening.

If we don’t listen, we won’t learn, if we don’t learn, we miss out on souls seeking answers to genuine questions.

My thoughts on Jesus and feminism Pt 3

To show our sameness with God, Jesus pours out His Spirit on all mankind that believe; jews, gentiles, sons, daughters, old and young.

My thoughts on Jesus and feminism Pt 2

To understand the perfect will of God, we must start at the beginning and interpret God’s will for mankind as contained in any scripture as it relates to the beginning. For it to be truth, it must agree with the beginning.

My thoughts on Jesus and feminism

The challenge is to distill truth from the the cultural and ethnic colorations of the writings in the bible. Culture must submit to the will of God.


Inspired thoughts as I go through my day!

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That we might know, by knowing believe and by believing free.

Grace is God's gift to you. (#unveilinggrace)

To help us understand The free gift of God's grace and how lavishly He has bestowed this grace.

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Awesome things happen when heaven invades the earth.

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